Zoo - Sunshine Coast

Physical barrier screen required for a space between the café area and toilet area at a popular zoo at the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Project requirements: Prints of animals and textures to separate the areas yet allowing light to pass through.

High quality images supplied by the client were digitally printed onto a clear acrylic. Translucent inks were used to print directly onto the acrylic. No opaque white was used enabling the light to pass through the print allowing it to be viewed from both sides - still providing a physical barrier to the toilet area.

Finished printed acrylic panels were supplied to the builder for easy installation being mounted into black powder coated metal frames. 10mm acrylic is used to overcome any flexing or distortion in the 2400mm x 1200mm sized panels. Printing directly onto the surface of the acrylic eliminates the possibility of air bubbles or delaminating film if printed traditionally onto vinyl and applied at installation stage.

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