Reading Cinema - Brisbane

Off-form concrete look walls and ceiling features. 

Project Requirements: Walls and ceiling to be cladded with a substrate that represents an off-from concrete. Additional ceiling features that simulate subterranean air ducting. Exposed pipework that gives an industrial feel. 

The client originally considered the use of an imported wallpaper applied to ply as the substrate. 

Raw Inkk was able to print the look of off form concrete directly onto plywood. This was considerably more cost effective. 2400mm x 1200mm light weight balsa plywood was printed with graphics created by Raw Inkk. 

Sheets were cut onsite and install using glue and nails. Ceiling features were constructed in factory and installed as a complete structure by the joiner. 

Ease of installation was assisted by the fact tat the balsa plywood is so lightweight, yet strong. 

No additional structural work was needed prior to installation. No treatment or coatings were applied to the printed material. 

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